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Dear Working College Students, Money Is Never a Good Enough Reason

College is the time where you discover who you are, what you love to do, and what passions you hold. It sometimes is a confusing time period and is the time where the want for money could overshadow the need to fulfill your passion. Yes, having the urge to make good money is not bad but it becomes a problem when it tramples over the idea of you achieving your true passions.

Choosing Money Over Passion Can Lead to Mediocrity

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There are jobs that are perfect for one person but not so perfect for the next and despite their imperfections, some people continue to work these jobs because they’ve gotten stuck in a mindset that supports mediocrity. This mindset is created from belittling yourself by staying in a position that only provides decent money, it doesn’t exercise your specific talents nor does it excite you. What excites you and pushes you to reach your limits isn’t the same as what pushes and excites other people, so don’t think having a job that only provides you with good money is what you should settle for.

Run the Risk of Not Reaching Greatness

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Great people lead. They lead the masses along with leading themselves. If you’re too busy following the money, you don’t have time to lead yourself to greatness. When focusing on your passions and strengthening your talents, you learn different ways to monopolize off of passions and the money will eventually follow you. Don’t risk your chance at greatness by following the money at a job that isn’t meant for you.

Life Is Too Short to Settle

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We all only get one life so why not spend your life doing what you love, as money can buy material things but it can’t buy happiness. Working hard and having an efficient work ethic is good, though working hard towards something you love is even better. Life is short, how you live your life is your choice- choose positivity, your happiness, and your passion!

Tips for Working College Students

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Working a temporary job to get the bills paid is okay, as long as you don’t allow yourself to get stuck at that job. Aside from making money at that temporary job, ensure that you’re making time for your passions because it keeps your eye on the prize. If possible, attempt to work jobs that pay the bills and involves something that you’re passionate about. When deciding to intern, try to intern with a company that compensates in some form other than college credit- no matter the level of experience, your work and time is worth something!

My name is Imani L. Francies, I am a Film and Media major at Georgia State University, and I run and operate my own site, www.imanileo.com. I have a way of randomly picturing scenes in my head as if it were an actual movie, and that has led me into writing. Transforming those scenes into well-articulated stories has become an enjoyable challenge for me. I hope you find interest in my work.
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