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Campus Conversation: President-elect Donald J. Trump

President Trump. That’s the reality we all, Democrat or Republican, are going to have to settle into.

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and supporters, she fell short with the electoral vote set in place by the electoral college. Trump prevailed with 290 votes, while Clinton trailed with 228 votes.

As Donald and Melania Trump pack their bags to move into the White House come Jan. 20, many Americans are taking to the streets and social media in protest of the President-elect.  

“He’s a racist, misogynistic sociopath that is beyond under qualified to run a country,” Georgia State senior Moira Salazar said.

Salazar ranted on, “years of ‘successful business experience’. [Not having] political experience does not qualify someone to be president of one of the most powerful countries in the world. He fed off of their fear, and he fueled their hate by giving them a scapegoat for that fear.”

As Georgia State’s democratic student body is outraged, there are many students that are sick and tired of the backlash the election has created.

“This is our country and as much as it may be in a terrible place, there are people who fight and die everyday for our right to have a president,” Georgia State student Carolyn Dean said.

She continued, “we shouldn’t act like barbarians because some people didn’t get the president they wanted.”

Although passionate Clinton supporters are still hanging on to hope, they claim it is more than just being a “sore loser.” The fear that the Trump presidency entails has seeped into America’s schools. Children are taunting each other over their race and how Trump will deport them.

Is this the America we are going to live in? A torn society based on their political stance?

Carolyn Dean said she didn’t vote. If she had, Trump would have had her vote.

“…contrary to popular belief, he employs more women, LGBT, and minorities than most businesses in the United States.”

Whether you have accepted the President-to-be Donald Trump or are still holding out hope for Hillary Clinton, the conversation seems as though it will never cease.

The silver-lining of this election?

Millennials are showing an immense passion for politics and the well-being of the United States.

Perhaps Donald J. Trump will put all his campaign tactics aside and have a strong presidency. You can view all his plans for his first 100 days in office here.


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