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Being a True Friend in College



Your best friends are the people that have always been there for you. Through the boys, the good times and bad times of your friendship, and all the ups and downs of college life. Many people can say they’re still friends with people they may have known prior to college but not many people know the meaning of being a true friend.


Being a true friend means having someone’s back no matter what. In college, between the adrenaline of going to new places with new friends and the stress of classes, we forget to recognize those who have had our backs in dark times. You know that friend you called when you and your boyfriend broke up and you sat up talking until 3 a.m. It’s important to make sure they’re okay the moment you think something is wrong just to let them know you have their back too.

Being a true friend consists of keeping your friends on track when their getting distracted. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend, getting into a fraternity/sorority, or getting an invite to the latest party is not the most important thing in the world. Keep your friends on track by reminding them what their priorities are. They’ll appreciate it and thank you later.

Being a true friend also means listening to what they have to say. Know when to take them serious and when to play around. When a friend needs advice, know when to give them constructive criticism. If space is what they want, understand and respect boundaries. There’s nothing wrong with good wholesome growth and sometimes that means going out and meeting new people who can open your eyes to new perspectives.

If you’re reading this, you know what it’s like to get to college and start fresh. Whether you’re meeting everyone for the first time and trying to meet new friends or hanging out with the same best friends as always. You need to remember how to stay loyal and to know how to keep those friends that have been there for you through it all.

Dominique Regalado is a multimedia Journalism major at Georgia State University. When she is not running around campus, she is drowning herself in coffee or editing for Her Campus. Dominique enjoys reading, going out for food, and much more while spending all her money on retail. She aspires to be a journalist for a major magazine publication. Follow her on Twitter: @domregalado!
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