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All You Need to Know About Press-on Nails

Are you interested in a new way to stay up to date with the latest nail trends and get cute designs without sitting for hours in a nail salon and damaging your nails? If so, press-on nails are a great alternative to acrylic nails. Here’s all you need to know about press-ons and why you need them.

Why ditch the nail salon?

If you haven’t noticed, nail salons are unsanitary. Yes, this still applies even if your go-to place puts the plastic liners in the pedicure bowls, uses the tool sterilizers and unwraps new disposable tools for each customer. An SNS or Dip manicure is especially dangerous. The proper, most sanitary way to accomplish a set like this would be for the technician to pour out the powder used on your nails and apply it with a brush. Your hand should never be dipped into the powder as this can transfer bacteria. Manicures at the nail salon can also be pretty damaging to your nails if you get acrylic, SNS or gel. If these aren’t removed properly (i.e., patiently waiting for them to soak off without any interference such as a buffer), your nails could thin and break easily.

Clutch Nails- Wild Child
Clutch Nails

What are the benefits of press-ons?

With press-ons, you have unlimited freedom. Don’t have an hour to go to the salon and get a new set? No worries, press on nails take no longer than 5 minutes to apply, all you have to do is press each nail down onto your nail bed for 20 seconds each, and you’re done. You can conveniently try all the intricate nail designs you love without having to hunt down a nail stylist who can do them without dealing with annoying booking policies. The best part? If you break any of your nails, you can simply glue it back on!

Clutch Nails- Dumpster Fire
Photo by Clutch Nails


Okay, so now you’re sold, but you have no idea where to find quality press-ons. If you want your set to last, my tip is to never use the press-on nail brand, Kiss. Kiss is solely for one-day use because they’re so thin, so they won’t last even if you use strong glue. A great way to find cute nails would be to look on Etsy. Two great companies with reusable press-on nails are Glamnetic and Luxxi. Remember to always read reviews of whoever you plan on purchasing nails from and read the descriptions to make sure you can fit them.

A photo of different style nails
Original photo by Tatiana Ricks

Ladies, join me and release yourselves from the shackles of going to the nail salon for a manicure. Save your coins, your time and your state of mind by investing in some press-on nails.

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