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Alexis Nwaiwu ’17

Name: Alexis Nwaiwu

Classification: Junior

Major: Journalism 

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Hobbies/Interest: Dancing, Laughing, & Food

Instagram: @xLexxLove

Twitter: @xLexxLove



Her Campus: Why did you choose GSU?

Alexis Nwaiwu: I chose Georgia State because it is close to home, and in the heart of downtown Atlanta. There are so many opportunities here. 


HC: What are you currently involved in on campus?

AN: I am currently a GSU cheerleader and a high school cheer coach.


HC: How is it being a cheerleader at GSU?

AN: Being a GSU cheerleader is such a fun experience. I've gotten to do so many cool things such as be on TV, be in parades, travel, and meet so many influential people in Atlanta.


HC: What is your favorite thing about being a cheerleader?

AN: My favorite thing about being a cheerleader is the confidence I've gained from it. I feel like I can lead a crowd of a million people when I cheer, it's a great feeling. 


HC: What is your favorite spot on campus?

AN: My favorite spot on campus is the Sports Arena! I love the atmosphere of our basketball games and going to cheer practice is like an escape from my long day.  


HC: How long you and your boyfriend been together?

AN: My boyfriend and I have been together for the best 4 months ever! 


HC: How do you balance a relationship, classes, and everything you are involved in outside of school? 

AN: I balance my life by planning ahead and by keeping open communication with my friends and family. When everyone is on board with what is going on in my life, it's easier to handle. They support me with whatever I'm up to. 

HC: What is your ideal job?  

AN: My ideal job is to be a Sports Journalist. I would love to combine my love of sports and writing. 


HC: What is your favorite quote?

AN: My favorite quote is,"What's meant for you will always be for you".


HC: What motivates you to be successful?

AN: My parents are my motivation to be successul.  They want nothing but the best for me and I can't let them down. 


Fun Facts:

Favorite Song? Latch by Disclosure and Sam Smith

Favorite Food? Chicken Alfredo

Favorite Color? Yellow 

K. Miche' Thomas is a double major Marketing and Managerial Sciences student at Georgia State University. Upon her anticipated graduation in 2018 she plans to attend law school to pursue her dreams of becoming a Trademark & Patent Attorney. In her extra time she enjoys planning event and spending precious time with friends and family.
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