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We love seeing students moving in silence and letting their work do the talking, and this celeb definitely accomplishes this very well. From military uniforms to tailored suits in fashion shows, he has an outstanding work ethic and an unforgettable charm. Meet Adrian!

Name: Adrian Carnegie

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Born in Kingston, Jamaica

Hobbies/Interests: Going to the shooting range, investing, event planning, men’s fashion, web design and networking.


Her Campus: Why did you choose GSU?

Adrian Carnegie: I chose to attend GSU to experience the thrill and excitement of city life, while seeking a higher education. 


HC: What are you involved with on campus?

AC: President of Infinite Appeal, Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences in the Student Government Association, Panther Breakaway and Student 


HC: How does it feel to be so well-known and making an impact on campus?

AC: It feels humbling. I am really just a typical guy, who likes being social, giving good and really only wants to get through college. I don’t try to be popular, but I do try to meet a lot of new people. I often try to strike conversations with random people and attempt to move out of my comfort zone of friends. New people give me new perspectives, which I appreciate, especially as a psychology major. The fact that I am making a impact on campus is great, I just hope it’s a great and inspiring one.


HC: How do you balance your busy schedule?

AC: Calendars, my reminders app and dozens of to-do list. I try to plan my day from start to finish and be the most efficient I can be with my time.


HC: Tell us about your experience with Infinite Appeal. 

AC: I started Infinite Appeal my freshman year, when all of my friends thought it would be cool for us all to try out together. I made the cut, and ended up sticking with it. After learning about the organizations true mission and all that it has done and continues to do in the community and on campus, I decided this was the organization I would like to fully commit to, since it’s goals and mine aligned so well. It’s my senior year now, and I am now serving my second term as president. All the lessons, people I’ve met and worked with and personal growth I’ve made will stay with me forever and I will forever be grateful to this organization for that.


HC: What is the biggest lesson GSU has taught you?

AC: Empathy. Empathy is the ability to see and value what another person is feeling or experiencing. Going to such a diverse school like Georgia State, and living in such a diverse world, you come across many people with a completely different background than you, and empathy is the key to success in environments like this. This lesson has taught me how to motivate the people around me, be a better leader, a better follower, and most important, a better friend.


HC: Who or what motivates you?

AC: The fact that I KNOW I have a bright future ahead of me, my family, money and always remembering that “reality is negotiable.”


HC: What are your goals after graduation?

AC: After graduation I plan to pursue the industrial organization route in the psychology field, graduate debt-free and land a salary job. I have a couple of solid options right now, and if things go well I may travel abroad post-graduation as well.


HC: What is your dream job?

AC: My dream job is a high-paying one, but also one that allows me to see my creative ideas come to fruition. That’s really all I want. I have a lot of creative ideas, and the world deserves to see them.


HC: How do you want GSU to remember you?

AC: To just be remembered is an honor in itself, positively that is. If I had to choose though, I would like to be remembered as a great role model. 


Quick Quiz!

  • Favorite artist? Andy Warhol. Music artist? Pharrell Williams. 
  • Biggest pet peeve? Wasting my time! & Typos.
  • Something not a lot of people know about you? I am in the military
  • Celebrity crush? Scarlett Johansson



Ashley Drayton is an alumna of Georgia State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Since being involved with Her Campus, she was co-founder and president of the GSU chapter, former chapter advisor of 5-8 college chapters, and wrote as a national contributing writer. Her dream job/career is to become a top writer, editor, blogger.
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