6 Tips for Incoming Freshmen Procrastinators

As an incoming freshman and the oldest of four, I had a lot of worries this summer about what I should do to be completely ready for my first semester of college. Here are six things I learned while preparing to start school for everyone starting a little (or a lot) late!

1) Do submit all of your paperwork!

Deadlines are closing in, and it feels like everyone else has already submitted their stuff, but don't fret! Make a list of everything that needs to be sent to school (immunization records, final high school transcript, etc.) and check it off when it's done. Also, be sure to talk to your advisor once one has been assigned so they can fill you in on what else you may need.

2) Do reach out to your roomies!

Roommates are an integral part of the freshman experience, and they may have already begun buying items for your room, so be sure to reach out to see where you can pitch in and maybe even coordinate colors!

3) Do Pack, Pack, Pack!

This one sounds self-explanatory, but you don't want to be a week out from move in day and staring down a very cluttered room of stuff that you don't know what should leave and what should stay! Donate old clothes, trash high school notes you know you won't need anymore, and pass the stuffed animals down to your kid sister. Tackle the mess little by little, and that way it'll be much easier in the end.

4) Don’t Buy Books

It can be tempting to overcompensate for registering for classes late by buying all of your textbooks ahead of time. Just don’t do it! Instead, attend your classes at least once, and the teacher will generally tell you if you need it or not, or even if there’s a cheaper alternative than buying one brand new!

5) Don’t Forget to Visit

If you live close enough to your campus, make sure you go take a look around. You can take a tour, ask questions, and even locate your classes if you have time. If you don’t live near your school already, try looking online because many schools offer virtual tours or maps of the campus which can be helpful as well!

     Credit: GSU’s website

6) Don’t Panic!

Yes, it is very stressful to have everything running down to the last second. However, taking a breather and making some time for self-care is very crucial in the high school to college transition and you can’t overlook it. Try wearing a calming sheet mask or making your favorite hot drink to help you destress.

Credit: Black Brides

Going to college can be a really exciting yet overwhelming time in your life. Following these tips can make sure that, even though you started a little late, you finish right on time!