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5 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

Article written by GSU staff writer, Elaine Combs

Before I even entered college, I heard the Freshman 15 stories. As someone who always struggled with their weight, I knew I couldn’t afford to gain an extra 15 to 20 lbs. Because of this, I was extremely proactive and found ways to stay healthy while enjoying all the freshman year festivities.

 Instead of gaining the Freshman 15, I lost 20 lbs during my 1st year by implementing these simple health hacks into my everyday life.


1. Don’t avoid walking or taking the stairs

 The Panther Shuttle is one of the best resources our campus has to offer, especially when it is pouring down raining and you have a class 10 minutes away. However, walking is one of best calorie burners and because our campus is pretty much downtown Atlanta there is a lot of ground to cover to burn off those dining hall cookies.

 GSU also has plenty of stairs which are great to walk or even jog up to get an extra heart rate boost. Plus, you don’t want to be that person at Langdale Hall who takes the elevator to the 2nd floor. Yes, we are silently judging you.

2. Eat a balanced breakfast

 Campus meal plans come in handy because there’s always a wide array of healthy breakfast options to choose from. It can be more difficult to eat a balanced breakfast when you’re a commuter student but there are still ways to avoid eating a bagel and coffee from Starbucks or Saxby’s. My favorite method for eating healthy is the KISS way, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Most nutritionists recommend paring a protein and complex carb together to stabilize your glucose levels which prevents you from experiencing a crash during your 12:15 class.

3. Get active

Our campus has an abundance of recreational resources. Our recreation center just experienced a major renovation and now has squat racks on the bottom level. Yay, squat life! We also have plenty of intramural sports if the gym isn’t your thing and even offer a variety of group fitness classes if you want some extra motivation.

Head to the front desk at the recreation center to grab the semester schedule to see how you want to stay active this semester.

4. Establish a sleeping routine

Netflix and Hulu are two of the best inventions of the digital age, however late-night movie binges can wreak havoc on our sleep. Not to mention the 3 P’s: procrastination, parties, and peers.

I get it, life happens, and no one wants to go to bed too early in college. However, getting the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep will do wonders for your health and sanity.

 5. Limit Waffle House and Pizza Runs

One of my favorite things about GSU is there are two Waffle Houses on campus. Yes, two. Waffle House is to college students what pizza is to New Yorkers. These delicious carb-loaded treats are so divine but detrimental to your health and waistline if you’re eating them every other day. Enjoy these indulgences in moderation (twice a month) and make sure you introduce your body to a well-balanced meal plan.

 If you need some guidance on what foods to fuel your body with, GSU offers nutrition consultations with a nutritionist free of charge. Click, here to find out more.


Story By: Elaine Combs


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