4 Websites To Spice Up Your Technology


When you see someone with a cell phone and ask them what kind they have, they’re probably going to either going to have one of two things, Apple or Samsung. These two companies are releasing new items each year including phones, tablets and laptops. Though new features are added or improved such as camera quality, the one thing they lack is personality. 


Of course you have a variety of color options to choose from, but chances are your devices will be the same color as the person sitting next to you. That being said, here are a few websites where you can browse to accessorize your laptops, tablets and cell phones to fit your style.



    Uniqfind offers a wide variety of phone cases for Apple and Samsung products. Their popular laptop skins consist of different colored marble designs. They also sell minimalist skins like terrazzo and tile grid line designs.


  2. If you're looking for a formal approach to personalize your technology, Rifle Paper Co. is the place for you. Most of their cases are clear with simplistic designs, but they do have a section to choose from with solid colors. They currently sell phone cases for the iPhone models six and up. 


  3. 3. Casely 

    Casely sells cases for iPhones and Samsungs. They have a large selection with patterns such as cheetah print and marble to clear cases with simple designs.

  4. Society6 sells about 100 different pages of cases for iPhones, Samsungs, and MacBooks. They have a wide variety of different styles—from portraits of celebrities like Danny Davito cases for Samsung to more simplistic color blocking cases.


Whether you are apart of the “Samsung over Apple” debate, the one thing everyone can agree on is finding fashionable accessories for your devices.