4 Ways You Can Celebrate Graduation at Home

Congratulations to the graduates of 2020!

Woman In Black Long Sleeve Dress Standing On Brown Concrete Stanley Morales / Pexels

I know it’s been a rough couple of months for us, and so many things have been uncertain from classes being online to graduation being postponed, its been a lot to grasp. However, even though we won’t get a chance to have a traditional ceremony, that doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate our wins safely!


1. Backyard photoshoot

Get your phone and tripod ready! Just because you may not be a professional photographer doesn’t mean you can’t take beautiful pictures! Whether or not you have your cap and gown, throw on a cute outfit and take stunning images outside your home, or wherever you see fit. Let people see and remind yourself that you’ve made it this far!

Girl In Porcelain Print Skirt In Feild 5 Anna Thetard / Her Campus


2. Celebrate with those around you

Those who are quarantined with family or friends, sometimes that’s all you may need to celebrate. Get together with those who are in your household and celebrate your achievements! Even if that means walking across your kitchen or porch and accepting your rolled-up magazine—It’s the effort and thought that counts!


3. Virtual Party

I know a lot of people planned parties or outings to celebrate their graduation, and you still can when things lighten up! Also, those who may be quarantined alone can take advantage of this opportunity. I’ve been seeing a lot of group skype calls and zoom meetings online of people having fun and celebrating from afar. So even if its just you and your friends, have fun with some drinks and music and celebrate!


Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash


4. #ImStillGraduating

Her Campus has taken the initiative to remind us that yes, we are still graduating! They are hosting a live virtual graduation ceremony with student speakers, performers, and maybe even your fav influencer or celeb! It’s nice that to know even with all the uncertainty in the world we will still graduate and get our diplomas, traditional ceremony or not. So RSVP for May 15th! https://www.imstillgraduating.com/

Original Illustration for Her Campus Media


We will all get through this, and continuing to be proud of ourselves will keep us on the right track! Many professors and organizations are even encouraging students to post their wins and pictures on social media so we can all celebrate with you! So however you chose to congratulate yourself, know that you did it! You prevailed through times no one even knew were coming. Be proud!