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The 4 Best Movies To Get Back To School Outfit Inspo

Are you having a case of fashion block? Look no further than these 4 iconic movies for all the style inspiration your heart can handle!


We all know about the iconic plaid sets Cher and Dionne sport throughout the film, but I love some of the other cute 90s-esque looks they wear! I could definitely see myself wearing Dionne’s bomber jacket/crop top combo.

Mean Girls the Musical


I know this post is about movies, so I may have cheated a bit for this one! I love the Mean Girls movie, but unlike the 90s fashion in Clueless, I don’t find the styles in the 2000s flick very aspirational. Enter the musical version! With styles updated for the modern age, I love studying the stills and hopefully, I will have the chance to see the show in person this fall!


Again, we all know the iconic matching skirt suits the Heathers wear while playing croquet, but there are so many other great fits in this movie (It’s on Netflix if you want to examine it further, and there’s also a Broadway play!). I love this long vest and leggings situation Veronica is wearing during the death of Heather Chandler.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This book and this movie is so well done, has a dope soundtrack, and is one of my favorite movies of all time. It also has an extensive cast of beautiful women with different styles that you can pull from every day of the week! Brb going to watch and cry again.

So now that you have some ideas, don’t wait! Get your outfits together ASAP so you can stunt on em in plaza next week!

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