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3 Things To Have In Your Wardrobe This Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

As we’re approaching holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the temperature has been dropping like crazy. And when it starts to get cold, we tend to grab really quick things like a simple sweater and some leggings, which is fine. But it’s how you piece the outfits together that is most important. Here are some winter essentials to purchase this holiday season.



Teddy bear jacket by Shein

Your coat is one of the last things that you put on before going out the door. And depending on the style your achieving for your daily look, there are different styled jackets. Some go-to styles for jackets this season include wool, faux fur, teddy bear and jean.  


2. Boots + Socks

Leather Tall Riding Boots By Madhuntdeals


Wearing socks under your boots isn’t just for comfort. Whether you are wearing ankle, thigh-high or knee-high boots, a lot of them leave a little bit of space in between the boot and your body. Especially if they’re not Ugg’s. This leads to your legs freezing the moment you step outside.  A good way to help prevent this is to wear those socks of yours underneath.

3. Accessories

Oversized long fluffy blown up check mustard scarf by ASOS


The accessories that you put on play a significant part in staying warm. Some good ways to accessorize while keeping warm is by investing in a good pair of gloves, hats, or earmuffs. Basically, anything to keep your skin warm that can’t be covered up with clothing. Some good places to get accessories include Old Navy, H&M, and ASOS.


So as the temperatures are dropping, don’t forget to stock up and stay warm this season!


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