15 Perfect Holiday Gifts To Buy For A Guy

Wow. It's already that time of year. Christmas is right around the corner and I hope you started your Christmas shopping! If not, the timing couldn't be more perfect. Here's 15 perfect holiday gifts for him. Whether it's for a boyfriend, best friend, brother, father, cousin or grandpa, these thoughtful gifts are sure to bring holiday cheer to him! You might even catch some affordable gifts. 


Any sweater is a great gift for the cold season. Pick a color that would look good on him or he just might like a ugly Christmas sweater! Go to any store that carry men's apparel. 

Personalized Cufflinks 

Help the man in your life secure the cuffs of his dress shirts by purchasing personalized cufflinks just for him. Check out Etsy to personalize or customize his cufflinks.


If they have a love for music or enjoy music while working out at the gym, headphones are good gift and can also be affordable. There's all types of headphones such as bluetooth, wireless, neck-sitting, etc. Choose the right ones for his lifestyle. You can get help at Best Buy


Watches are a classic gift to give any guy for the holidays. There's plenty of options to choose from such as a Apple Watch or just a casual leather band wrist watch. Try to get an idea of the type of watch he would usually wear or the watch he's talking about this Christmas. 

Logo Cap/Beanie

Purchase a logo cap or beanie for him this Christmas. My boyfriend loves wearing hats, caps, beanies, you name it! Purchase the one that fits his style or his favorite brand. A beanie is warm and trendy for holiday season. 

Duffel Bag

Get him a duffel bag in his favorite color, favorite brand, tv show, or anything. It'll be convenient for his trips to the gym to play basketball or traveling. 


Your dad, uncle, or any man in your life may have a busy life in the business world that needs to stay organized. A briefcase will keep his papers and documents together and neat on the go. 


You can never have too much underwear. Check out American Eagle. They have the cutest and affordable underwear for men. 

Portable Charger

We are always losing phone chargers and our phones are always dying when we're on the move. A portable charger is a very useful gift! Make sure the charger is compatible to his phone.

Travel Grooming Kit

A travel grooming kit makes traveling a lot easier. You can also purchase travel size skin care products to go with it. It's a thoughtful gift for men who enjoy traveling or grooming themselves who might be in a hurry for a job interview. 

Video Game

I've never met a boy or man who does not enjoy some type of video game. Purchase a video game at Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop or Amazon! 


T-shirt is an affordable and great gift to purchase for any man in your life, especially if it's last minute. You can purchase some solid color t-shirts in packs or buy cool trendy t-shirts at H&M, Forever21, or any online store he likes. 


Of course a jacket or coat is an excellent gift for the cold or rainy weather. Make sure your brother or any family member is warm for the holiday season. There's so many options to choose from. Good luck deciding! 

Tool Kit

Your dad, grandpa or best friend might be a handyman or someone who enjoys "fix-up" tasks. If so, get him a tool kit. My grandpa loves his! This is a useful gift for home repairs around the house. 


Socks! I know plenty of guys who love socks, especially tacky or funny socks or get him socks in his favorite brand. My boyfriend loves Nike, so Nike socks are a good gift for him. Socks are also affordable. You can never have too many socks!

Now you're all set! Create your holiday gift list and get going! Remember to try to stay in your budget.