Spring Drag Show Stars: Michael Lee and Luis Hernandez

Michael Lee '18 and Luis Hernandez '15 were undeniably fierce at Drag Show this spring, through this interview and the quick dialogue they had, it became clear that while this is a fun event, Drag Show helps facilitate internal growth as well as changes within the community as well. When the HCGC team met the succeeding day, there was no doubt in our minds who we should feature this week. Through interviewing this dynamic duo it became clear that drag show is so much more than a good time for the audience and actors alike. 

The Cause: Drag Show is an bi-annual event that donates money to LGBTQ organizations in Iowa, but has also raised money to have free HIV/ AIDS testing on campus.

What drives you to be in Drag?:  Seasoned Veteran, Luis, claimed that he initially did not want to be in Drag Show, though after after many drag shows, he now believes that drag show is important to showcase his journey and it helps him understand why being apart of drag and cross dressing has a greater purpose and offers greater understanding. Similar to Luis, Michael did not take part in his first opportunity to be in drag show. Now with one performance under his belt he is driven by "being able to step into the role of another gender, working on portraying another gender and other people's reaction to you."

Would you change anything?: Both Luis and Michael agreed that the experience they had was far too fun to change. Except... Michael did confess that his pants were not the most comfortable!

Why should people come out and support?: Beyond watching the cool performances, seeing your friends show off their dance moves and mingling with your favorite profs, this is "an opportunity to understand other people's interpretation of gender. In many performances the dancers are hetero-sexual, though they are trying to see the world from another vantage point." Beyond having an awesome time, these shows and dancers help to facilitate a conversation between different identies.

Favorite Performances?: Michael loved Luis's "boy is a bottom"where as Luis highlighted "Own Your Pussy" as his favorite because it allowed him to push his own boundaries... he got to wear an exceptionally revealing outfit! 

What/ Who was your inspiration?:  Michael's inspiration was Crystal Meth, who had a voguing class the week before Drag Show, where Michael got to become a pro at walking in heels! Luis drew from his experiences at Grinnell, most vividly his transformation within his four years. As he so eloquently stated: "I wanted to use this to give back to the people that got him to this place in his life, I wanted to give back to the people that helped me become something I can appreciate."