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Relays 2015

A week ago today marked one of the greatest days of the Grinnell College academic year. 10/10? Frank? 90’s Harris? No. No. And no. Relays.

The History:

In 1973, Wayne Moyer (a student of Grinnell College at the time but now a professor of Political Science) hosted the first ever Relays. At the time Relays was created as a spoof of Drake Relays. (Drake Relays is an outdoor track and field event held in Des Moines at Drake University. It is regarded as one of the top track and field events in the United States with the inaugural event being held in 1910). Relays at Grinnell has consisted of more beer than Gatorade, and exponentially less talent than turning up. To show just how little Grinnell cares, the SGA president ritually lights a toilet on fire (to signify us shitting on Drake Relays). 

The Planning:

This year, Ryan Hautzinger served as the host of Relays. He began drafting a committee immediately following winter break to ensure he had only the best on his squad. Up until spring break, he worked out the logistics of the day and brainstormed the events. Following spring break planning was in full swing with meetings, group messages, and tabeling for the event.

The Breakdown:

Relays is held on Mac Field every year, from about 10-3 P.M., on the same day as Titular Head. To participate, students must assemble teams of 5-6, pay $15, and register their team with the Relays Committee. Before the games begin, an opening ceremony occurs where the National Anthem is sang. This year, Relays had six different events including but not limited to: egg toss, three corner relay, and dizzy bat. There are three periods, with breaks scheduled for both hydration and food. Three awards are given at the conclusion of Relay for who completed the event first, who was the most shambly, and who was the worst.  Unfortunately, Relays ended early this year due to a shaving cream fight. The Relays Committee (myself included) was unable to control nearly 150 inebriated Grinnellians in order to complete the rest of the events.

I am already counting down till next years festivities, and I suggest you do too.

Ariel is a Her Campus contributing writer for Grinnell College from Alden, Minnesota.  She is a sophomore Sociology major, and intened Global Development Studies concetrator. She is a member of the women's basketball team, serves as a Senator for SGA, and is the president of Student-Athletes Leading Social Change. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, volunteering, and obsessively cleaning.