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This week, Her Campus Grinnell finally caught up with Maddy Pesch, a third-year expanding her competitive horizons. A force to be reckoned with, her resume includes: Chemistry & Gender Women’s Sexuality Studies double major, two MAPS (Mentored Advanced Projects), representative of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, record-holding swimmer, CoSIDA Academic All-District, Captain of the Water Polo team, Peer Educator at SHIC (Sexual Health Information Center), Chemistry Tutor… AND her plans include becoming a doctor and saving the world.  


Seemingly, these accomplishments were not enough for MADHAUS. Most recently, she has added dominating triathlons to her exceptionally long list of achievements. In August she took Nationals by storm, taking 18th out of 92 women in the 20-24 age group and earning a spot at Worlds. A new level of international competition took this Minnesotan north-bound to Canada, where she competed in the World Triathlon on September 1st, 2014.  Upon her return to our great nation, the US of A, she brought with her LOTS of candy (thank you!) and two new titles: 28th Overall and 8th American finisher of the World Triathlon Grand Final: Edmonton. I am proud to introduce my friend, teammate, and all around badass: Maddy Pesch.


HCG: In preparation for this interview, I was told: “Maddy is the epitome of a Grinnellian.” What does being a “Grinnellian” mean to you, and how do strive towards this goal every day?

MP: “To me, being a Grinnellian means you are open to exploring yourself, while also being willing to be open to learning about and getting to know people who are extremely different. I strive towards this goal every day through attempting to make new friends at every opportunity, but also growing and remaining close with my current friends.”

HCG: How has Grinnell helped you achieve your international triathlon endeavors?

MP: “When I was competing at Worlds, it was really great to have support from my Grinnell teammates and swim coach Erin Hurley. Beyond the support, Coach Hurley was an asset in my training for Worlds. The facilities at Grinnell made it extremely easy to complete my workouts each day. Also, Iowa is really scenic and great to bike through!” 

HCG: What advice do you have for Grinnellians who aspire to gain a “competitive edge?”

MP: “I would tell them to set goals and write them down. One set for short-term goals, so each day you can see your accomplishments. Along with a set of long-term goals, that all of your short-term goals will help you achieve.”

HCG: Erin Hurley, coach and leader of “the best looking team in Iowa”, said: “Maddy ‘a.k.a. Madhouse’ lives up to the intensity of her nick-name.  She is without a doubt, one of the most motivated people I have worked with.  It is simply amazing to see her get to an international level of competition in triathlon, while only in her first full year of the sport.  It will be so exciting to see where she goes with this in the next few years….” So tell us, where do you hope Triathlons take you next? What new competitive horizon will you be taking on next?

MP: “I’m looking forward to Worlds in 2015, I would really like to place higher in my age group the next time around.  In the short-term I am looking forward to doing some races with big sponsors.”

Dana Sherry is a Her Campus Contributing writer from Brooklyn, New York. She is a History major and a record-holding member of Grinnell's conference-winning swim team. Do not be fooled by the Lilly and bows: in her spare time, Dana is a dirty rap enthusiast and analyst. She also enjoys house music, interacting with small children and has an extensive collection of Essie and OPI nail polish that she (usually) does not mind sharing with her grateful friends. 
Katy is the Her Campus Correspondent for Grinnell College. She is a junior psychology major and plans to go to graduate school for clinical psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, skiing, shopping, expanding her music collection, traveling and of course, coming home to her dogs (and the rest of her family).