Harrison and Stuart Hoegh


[Author's Note: Meet one of Grinnell College's set of twins, Harrison and Stu! Not only are they handsome, they are pretty witty too. While their responses are awesome, being 1/3 of a group email with these two, I can only imagine that Hoegh dinners and family group messages are hilarious...

HerCampus Correspondent: (Essentially) Would you guys want to be Campus Cutie this week?

Harrison Hoegh: I'll do it as long as it is clear that I am the better looking one.

Stuart Hoegh: Hmmm I'm not really sure who this Harrison Hoegh guy is he's probably some first year that hasn't made any friends yet. But I will do anything that helps my campus or your campus or his campus or her campus or z's campus. I look forward to meeting Harrison and clearing a few things up about attractiveness.

LOL! They are pretty awesome! Read below to find out more... ALSO they sent us a baby picture <3!]


Name(s): Stuart and Harrison Hoegh


Class Year:

SH: 2017

HH: 2018



SH: Economics and Political Science

HH: Undecided



SH: Atlantic (ATL), Iowa

HH: Atlantic, Iowa


Motto To Live By:

SH: These colors don’t run.

HH: Remember my friend to enjoy your planning as well as your accomplishments, for life is too short for negative energy - Bruce Lee


Best Moment Thus Far:

SH: I won intramural championship in pool last fall. Actually, that is probably the single greatest moment of my life and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I am glad you asked. :)

HH: Sledding


Exciting Activities:

SH: SGA, Hall Ball founder along with Major May

HH: Cube Club


Favorite Prof:

SH: Mark Montgomery

HH: Mileti


Favorite Party:

SH: 10/10

HH: Sweater Party


Embarrassing First Year Moment:

SH: I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

HH: Falling on Mac Field multiple times last week



SH: Taken

HH: Single


Perfect Date:

SH: Taken 2 with Liam Niessens

HH: You and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our backs and counting the stars


Most Attractive Quality in a Person:

SH: Independent, Thinks for herself

HH: Laid-back


Something People Don’t Know About You:

SH: I have a motorcycle

HH: I played rugby in the Cook Islands for 6 weeks


Silliest Thing You’ve Done:

SH: Mary B James



One Wish… What Would It Be?:

SH: One More Day - Diamond Rio. Give it a listen if you haven’t, listen to it again if you have.

HH: Have my dog come live in my dorm with me


Favorite Thing About Being a Twin:

SH: Someone to throw a football around with growing up.

HH: Having a friend growing up in the country when there aren’t any neighbors near by.