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Happy Passover from Her Campus Grinnell!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Grinnell chapter.

Happy Passover! Her Campus Grinnell members at Shabbat services Friday night in JRC 101 (l-r: Haley O’Neill ’18, Hayley Levin ’16, Ariel Keller ’17, Katherine Tucker ’16).

Katy is the Her Campus Correspondent for Grinnell College. She is a junior psychology major and plans to go to graduate school for clinical psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, skiing, shopping, expanding her music collection, traveling and of course, coming home to her dogs (and the rest of her family).
Dana Sherry is a Her Campus Contributing writer from Brooklyn, New York. She is a History major and a record-holding member of Grinnell's conference-winning swim team. Do not be fooled by the Lilly and bows: in her spare time, Dana is a dirty rap enthusiast and analyst. She also enjoys house music, interacting with small children and has an extensive collection of Essie and OPI nail polish that she (usually) does not mind sharing with her grateful friends.