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5 Reasons You Should Come to [Soccerball]

This weekend is Soccerball Harris, the pinnacle event concluding the Grinnell Women’s Soccer Team’s Week of Greatness.  Come celebrate the end of a very successful 2014 season on Saturday night from 10 P.M. – 1A.M. at Grinnell’s Harris Center.

All over campus, there have been whispers about this much anticipated Harris (and by much anticipated I mean the Harris that most people question the existence of).  The shroud of mystery surrounding this long-awaited event has even extended to Yik Yak: there have been questions ranging from “What is the theme of Soccerball?” to “Does anyone even go?”

This questionable obsession with Soccerball Harris lead me to answer Grinnell’s burning question:  When the windchill is below 10 degrees and you’re wrapped up watching Adventure Time on Netflix, why leave your room and brave the mayhem that is Soccerball?  Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. Learn to WOP

2. Austin Morris & Vernon Jackson are DJing (so the Ying Yang Twins are guaranteed to be on the playlist)

3. See Katy Oldach perform the National Anthem
4. It’s gonna get weird.

The theme is whatever you make it…all you need to know is that if you’re down to have a good time and open to bridging differences between North and South (and East?) campus, all of your dreams will come true.

5. Make memories that you will hopefully remember with a team you’ll never forget (but might wish you could).


***In case you weren’t convinced by the above list: there will be two kegs, available to anyone of legal drinking age***

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