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Thanksgiving Leftovers: Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving leftovers are a blessing… always. But sometimes you need a fun way to spice up how you eat all the lovely food your mom sent back with you. With all the turkey and mashed potatoes, consuming all the left overs is not a hard thing to do.  Here are a few ideas on how to change up eating the same leftovers you normally get, into a completely different meal!


  1. Turkey Quesadilla. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Take that turkey, and tear it apart. Then when you go to make your typical cheese quesadilla, add in that turkey. When it’s all cooked, drizzle some salsa and maybe some guacamole and you’re set.


2. Turkey Noodle Soup. As it gets colder here in beautiful Spokane, soup becomes a comforting constant in many people’s diets. Taking the typical chicken noodle and changing it up a little can add some fun into your day. Make your favorite noodle soup recipe. Whether it is store bought or a home made recipe, and add the shredded turkey in with it all.

3.  Mashed Potato Turkey Roll Sandwich. This is using ALL the fixings you brought back to school. Take your roll and put it in the oven (low heat) for about 7-10 minutes. This is to get the roll warm and squishy. Now heat up your mashed potatoes, adding in some milk to make them yummy again the second time around. When the potatoes are warm, add the turkey in to the bowl and heat those up. Once it is all heated, you put your turkey and mashed potatoes on the warmed bun(s) and enjoy your delicious sandwich you made yourself.


Don’t get me wrong, heating it all up just the way it was originally made is always a great idea, but the ideas above are something new to try. I hope you all enjoy your lovey leftovers! Happy Eating!

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