Taylor Swift has Disappeared and the World Deserves an Explanation

Many people may have noticed the last few months have been significantly less “enchanted” in terms of popular culture and the realms of social media.  The answer as to why: Taylor Swift has straight up disappeared. Now, my first reaction, as many Swifie’s first reactions were, was sadness and anger at the lack of our lovely Queen’s face gracing our twitter when she takes a night out in the city, or Instagramming pictures of her and her squad having the time of their lives. But there has been a significant lack of this activity as of late. So I have to ask the question that all the good people want to know:


WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAYLOR SWIFT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now to give you a bit of perspective on the severity of the situation, I have composed a definitive time line as to her known whereabouts the past three months.


January 29, 2017: Swift’s Last Tweet of 2017

On this day, in the year two thousand and seventeen, Taylor Alison Swift tweeted her last tweet about her music video for “Fifty Shades of Grey” with Zayn Malik. That is all.

February 4, 2017: Super Bowl Saturday

The international pop sensation made her most public appearance of 2017 on February 4, taking the stage to kick of the Super Bowl the night before all of the day-of festivities began in Huston, TX. And though we got a live stream and a lot of amazing pictures, Swift announced this would be her ~only~ live performance of the year, thus causing all fans who had to watch on screens at home to cry themselves a Sad, Beautiful, Tragic river. But alas! Swift was performing again so all was well, right?


This was the last night of photographs and Swift sightings to occur to date, and her social media presence has been minimal as well.


March 2, 2017: Green Light is Released

Swift took to Instagram to congratulate her friend, Ella, on her awesome (and bizzare) new single. This is Swift's only social media posting since the Super Bowl Saturday concert pics which followed the concert on February 4. 

April 21, 2017: Time Magazine

An article came out just last week featuring Ed Sheeran as one of Time’s 100 most influential people, and Swift did the honors of writing about her long time friend and Red Tour partner. HOWEVER, this is just Swift hiding behind a screen. And who knows how long ago she could’ve written it before publication, so this gets us no closer to the kind of hard-hitting evidence we deserve.


Swift is also known to be an avid supporter of her friends, which she has done some of this year. But she has neglected a few big ones that cause us to question if Miss Swift is doing alright.  On March 31, the popular Neflix series “13 Reasons Why” made its small screen debut, and is executive produced by Tay’s BFF Selena Gomez. Swift didn’t speak out at all about the premiere.  Just after this, childhood best friend Abigail Anderson celebrated her 27th birthday and Swift didn’t even do so much as post a picture on her Instagram.  And just yesterday, Gigi Hadid turned 22. Even with all of her references to Swift’s song and the squad bond they typically share, Swift remained silent.

So where is she? Who’s to say? There are rumours circulating that she’s in Nashville recording the infamous album 6 (Ed Sheeran even fueled that fire a bit). A brief rumour started a few days back that she was dating a middle-aged Chinese tech genuius,, but we’re all pretty sure that’s just a rumour and he even denied it himself. Well, where ever you are Taylor, I hope you’re well and happy and enjoying your well-deserved break from the spotlight. But don’t stay missing for too long because we all miss you in our lives.