Sundresses for the Sunshine

The sunshine months are just around the corner, so we decided to put together a list of some amazingly wonderful sundress options under $50 from three of the newest stores in Spokane. And the best part? They're all avalible in the Spokane region! Take a look!

1. Urban Outfitters: $39.99 - Kimchi Blue Graziano Floral Button-Down Midi Slip Dress

2.  Urban Outfitters: $39.99 - Cooperative Poise Denim Button-Down Mini Dress

3. Urban Outfitters: $19.99 BDG Jane Muscle Tee Dress 

4. Anthropologie: $39.95 - Toute V-Neck Dress

5. Free People: $49.95 - All Mixed Up Slip Dress

6. Free People: $49.95 - Floral Print Dress


And if $50 is still outside of your budget, there's always thrift stores in town such as "Chosen Vintage" or "Value Village" as well as some cheaper retail stores like "H&M" or "Forever 21." Have fun sundress shopping!