Spring Into Spring!

The cold, dark winter months are behind us, which means spring has sprung - a time of revitalization and rebirth. Now is the time to celebrate longer, warmer days, and here are some ways how!


Break out the Birks

            Once the snow hits, my Birkenstocks tend to stay in the corner of my closet until the temperature no longer threatens to freeze off my toes. But on this, the first day of spring, you can bet the Birks made a reappearance. And this doesn’t just hold true to the German brand ~ free your toes from the confines of those snow boots in any way you choose! Flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles… anything goes now that it’s spring.

Time for Some Toe TLC

            Speaking of sandals, it might be time for a pedicure. Pay attention to your poor, neglected toes and paint them a fresh spring shade to show off with your rediscovered warm weather footwear. While you’re at it, might as well polish your finger tips too, right?

Shop Til You Drop

            What is a better excuse for a little shopping than a change in season? Now that you can put away all the sweaters and parkas, you get to return to the fun of warm weather clothes. Replace some of your favorite worn-out tees, find a cute new sundress, or find a good layering piece for the chillier days of April and May.

Shake it Up at Starbucks

            Personally, I like my coffee iced year round, but when spring hits, I’m in the mood for something a little sweeter. Some personal favorites are the Peach Green Tea Lemonade or the Passion Tea Lemonade. Or, try the Pink Drink sensation ~ Ask your barista for a Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk instead of water! Tastes like spring.

Find Some Flowers

            Plant some in your yard, put some in a vase on your desk, or pick some wildflowers from a field… Find a way to get some flowers into your life! Having them in your living space adds a reminder of spring inside and is just an overall mood booster.

Go to a Farmer’s Market

            This is honestly one of my favorite parts of the weather getting warmer. Find a local farmer’s market to wander around. Another great place to find flowers, fresh produce, or other treasures.

Become One with Nature

            All those fantastic outdoor adventures you’ve planned in your head can finally become reality. Hikes, picnics, even just studying outside ~ it’s all possible now that spring is here! Discover all the natural beauty there is beyond your dorm walls.


Enjoy springtime, Zags!  And get ready for all of the sun-tanning on the Foley Lawn!