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Spice Up Your Life!

It has gotten to the point in the semester where going to class and doing homework everyday has gotten hard. One thing that I have noticed, is that it helps to deal with the day-to- day events if I have a great space to come home to afterward. This past weekend, my roommate and I decided that we needed to spice our room to make it a place that we both love to come home to. 

We took a trip to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and we found that all wood wall decor was 50% off! 

We poked around the store looking for wall decor that was the right fit for the style that we each have on our half of the rooms. My side of the room is a simple/chic style. I have white as my base color and have used the ugly wooden desks and bed frame that are supplied by the school to go along with the wood theme. I knew I was going to try to stick with that theme. My roommate has a blue as her base color. She loves all shades of blue and multiple shades of green so we needed to find something to go along with that. 


It took a lot of digging but we finally found stuff that we liked. We each walked out of the store with pieces of decor that costed total under $20! 


We went home and started to put it al on the wall. Command strips were the go to (so we don’t get fined by the school). We spent an hour getting it all looking perfect. This was the finished product.


This first picture is what my side looks like. The items that I bought from the store was the wooden “M” and the white framed photo with the quote “You are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14” 


This second photo is my roommate’s side. She got the framed sign that says “she believed she could so she did”  . 

This small adventure really made our rooms a place that we want to spend our time. It was great way to spice up this schedule that can sometimes get frustrating or stressful!

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