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Songs That I Don’t Want to Share

I’m obsessed with music, it has the ability to evoke emotions and memories that are more vivid than the moment I’m in.


I don’t like any specific genre, just usually music no one else has heard of that I enjoy sharing with the people I love. 


Music is one of the best gifts, especially if it is meaningful so here are ten songs that I don’t want to get popular but that you need to hear.


Petrol Station by Sorcha Richardson

One of my closest friends played this song when her and I road tripped through Moab, Utah. Listening to it now gives me the same chills that it evoked in me as I sat, grateful for the splendid desert, the colorful sunset, and my best bud next to me.



Kusangi by Odezsa

Last winter I heard this song and sent it to a friend who I knew would love it. Now every time we ride together in the car we turn it up as loud as we can. It honestly might be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.



The God by The Blue Angel Lounge

This is the song that makes me think of my boy. It’s an odd one for sure, sort of psychedelic 80’s rock. My now boyfriend sent it to me before we were together and now it’s the go-to song for music when we hang out now. We both love the band so this summer I emailed them asking if they were still together and they responded!!



Swallowed in the Sea by Coldplay

This was my jam sophomore year. A very underrated and honestly unknown Coldplay song that might be one of the most beautiful love songs I know.



Can’t Let Go, Juno by Kishi Bashi

I think it’s my number one favorite tune right now; the type that I have to roll my windows and turn the music all the way up. I listened to it this summer driving in the mountains of Colorado with my sister and it just takes me back.



Indian Summer by How Sad

This one takes me back to a late summer spontaneous road trip with my brother and best friend. We listened to this song a lot, but I specifically remember listening to it as we drove through Monument Valley, Arizona and gazed at the sunset.



Why Do I Wait When I Know You Have A Lover

For some reason my sophomore year I listened to this song every time I took a shower (???) and it really grew on me. The melody switch like halfway through is probably my favorite thing to ever happen in music.



Agnes by The Glass Animals

The song I listen to when I want to be sad; beautiful buildup throughout the song as well as spectacular writing. My older brother and I listen to this song whenever we’re both home from college so I guess that’s probably why it has so much meaning to me.

Colorado native. Junior at Gonzaga University studying International Relations, Philosophy, and Military Science.
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