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Reactions to the Roses–Women Tell All

Bachelor Nation!  We are down to just TWO weeks left of the most dramatic season ever of the Bachelor.  Thanks for sticking it out and reading these recaps each week!  It truly has been a pleasure.  This season has brought us so much: so many tears, so much “emotional intelligence”, and not enough cheese pasta! On Monday night, ABC aired a 3-hour special which included one hour to end last week’s episode and then two hours of women screaming at each other.  YAY! 

SO let’s get started by figuring out who went home during one of the FINAL rose ceremonies of the season. 

We left off with Raven and Nick in the Fantasy Suite, and we see them again in the morning.  Raven is ecstatic and even says, “Nick really knows what he’s doing.”  We see you Raven. We know what you’re talking about.  The producers then show a montage of Raven running through Finland, just dancing and so excited because of what went down the night before. 

Hilarious ABC.  I feel like this was straight out of an episode of Bachelor in Paradise (who else is excited for this year’s cast?!).

After Nick leaves Raven’s suite, he goes on a date with Rachel.  They go back-country skiing, which is really hard, and Rachel killed it yet again, even after falling so much. 

We got the best line of the night from Rachel and Nick’s date.  She talked about what it means to black and how that works with their relationship.  She also talked about how great of a guy Nick is and how he isn’t like anyone she’s ever dated before.  And then Nick said: 
And everyone watching shuddered because Nick, come on.  You are so not a minority.  (I digress…)

After sleeping with Rachel, Nick caravants off to his date with Vanessa.  On their date, they basically do the Polar Plunge and jump into freezing/ice cold water and then go warm up in a sauna.  But Vanessa got super into and wanted to keep doing it, and I just felt bad for Nick. 

Can I just say that the best part about this entire episode has been all of the hats the producers have made Nick wear?  So good. Great choice to head to Finland guys.  

Vanessa and Nick had to have some serious talks after their hometown date when they realized they hadn’t talked about anything serious yet.  Nick *almost* offended Vanessa, but I think ultimately they worked it out.  I am interested to see what happens here, because Nick keeps saying he has doubts about Vanessa because of how similar they are.  Does this mean Raven is the winner?? I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out! 

At the end of the week, Nick slept with all three women and then had to send one home.  Luckily for the producers, Rachel is the one sent home during the rose ceremony.  AND THEN THERE WERE TWO!! 

While I could go on and on about the next two hours of Women Tell All, I’m going to let you watch that one yourself.  There was too much screaming and yelling over one another for my taste, and even Chris Harrison couldn’t get control of the room.  It’s definitely worth a watch, but too hard to explain over a recap.  Be sure to check it out and see how the entire Taylor vs. Corinne feud goes down.  (I’m totally Team Corinne).  

Happy watching Zags!  And I just want to leave you with some truth that Liz gave us at the Women Tell All: 

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