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Tonight we get all of the drama that the Bachelor has to offer!  Welcome to New Orleans readers!  I hope you enjoy these weekly recaps, as I enjoy talking about all of the craziness and emotions the show has to offer!  

First up, we get a rose ceremony where both Corinne and Taylor stay, to the dismay of the other.  BUT don’t worry. They go on a two-on-one date later!  So much more to come! And I’m just throwing it out there that Josephine is starting to grow on me! See you on Bachelor in Paradise this summer?

After moving across the country to New Orleans, Nick takes Rachel out on the only one-on-one date of the week.  They head out to Bourbon Street and have so much fun.  They try hot sauce on rice (weird, but cajun), dance in the street with the New Orleans band as part of a Second Line, and Nick tries to put a dead alligator head over his own.  Oh to be a contestant on this show! 

Rachel and Nick even go deeper with their relationship that night during their dinner in a weird clown museum (why ABC?).  Rachel shares about how she went to a funeral in New Orleans and decided to really start living her life to the fullest afterward.  It was pretty good stuff, Nick bought it and Rachel got the rose.  Ultimately, I think Nick really does like Rachel and even said he has the most explosive chemistry with her.  Can you say frontrunner?? 

For the group date, Nick took 10 girls to a haunted house in New Orleans.  After hearing about an 8 year old girl name May who died there, the women and Nick start to experience really weird things such as a chandelier falling randomly from the ceiling and they play with a ouija board.  

The entire time they were in the house was super funky and all I could think about was how I never want to do that.  If I went on this show, I would make them promise to never take me to a haunted house.  After many different conversations with different women (including one with Raven where she ADMITTED SHE LOVED NICK TO HIS FACE), Danielle M. (the blonde one) got the rose.  But she’s actually super cute and I love her, so no hate from me. 

Corinne and Taylor go on their two-on-one date next with Nick and they take a trip to the bayou.  ABC, I have to give it to you on this one.  The girls are “read” by a palm-reader, and the cards she pulled up for each girl were too good.  Taylor got cards talking about Corinne and how Taylor should avoid Corinne at all costs.  Corinne got cards regarding Taylor and saying how Corinne has a sharp tongue that could get her in trouble.  At the end, Corinne asked for a voodoo doll that looked like Taylor.  ABC, you really outdid yourself.  The music, the palm reader, and the venue made this the greatest two-on-one you’ve ever put on.  SO proud.  

On another note, a good drinking game for this episode would have been to take a drink every time Taylor said “emotional intelligence.”  

Ultimately, Corinne played her cards right (no pun intended) and went to Nick saying Taylor “emotionally attacked” and bullied her.  Corinne’s body/beauty were too much for Nick to say no to, so he sent Taylor home.  Whoop-dee-doo.  As they drove away in their boat they just did this: 

And Taylor, you “just don’t get it” because he wants to get laid and Corinne can give him that.  Sorry honey.  You’re only 23 so go on Bachelor in Paradise, come back next season, or just use this newfound fame to sell hair gummies to us on Instagram.  You’ll be fine.  (After you get out of that scary ceremony by the fire).  Just leave already.  No need to “tell your truth” next week.  

Next week is sure to be crazy Bachelor Nation so make sure to tune in!  Have a great week! 

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