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Reaction to the Roses: Week 4!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gonzaga chapter.

Welcome back to the Bachelor recaps!  We missed last week’s episode (mainly because it was SUPER boring) but here we are!  And this week we are in Milkwaukee, which is sort of Nick’s hometown!  Yay!!  Let’s get started!

This week was a continuation of last week’s episode, where the girls were starting to get upset with Corinne’s actions.  No surprise there.  Vanessa, who also got Nick to cry last week, confronted Nick and hoped he would send Corinne home in the rose ceremony.  That DIDN’T happen so we still get lots more of Corinne drama!  

Next, the girls get shipped off to Wisconsin to hang out with Nick in his little town.  Nick meets with his parents in a coffee shop before he goes to meet the girls.  Nick’s dad admits he doesn’t want to see Nick go back on this show again, so you better get it right.  US TOO DAD!!  No more Nick on the show after this! 

Danielle L. gets the first one-on-one date.  She and Nick head out on the town and “accidentally” run into one of Nick’s old exes from back home.  Good job, ABC.  I almost believed that!  The conversation between the three of them went pretty well, considering, and Danielle said she was “glad to meet his ex.”  Um, sure.  Then they go to dinner, she gets the rose and they end the night at a Chris Lane concert.  Whoopy-dee-doo.  Nothing too exciting. 

On the group date, Corinne refuses to shovel cow poop like the rest of the girls.  She also doesn’t want to feed baby cows.  I mean, cmon girl.  Get with the program.  At this point, you have to know they are painting you as the villian.  She’s now asking for it.  I will no longer say she isn’t crazy.  The nanny thing is just too much.  I’m over her.  

Kristina, the Russian girl, got the group date rose which seemed a little odd but you know the producers make this show not quite reality.  Corinne was pissed she didn’t get the rose, or when she was questioned about her maturity.  Basically, she needs her nanny to come back to her.  (Run while you can lady!) 

Raven gets the second one-on-one date, and she gets to meet Nick’s parents and his little sister Bella.  Clearly, she is a front runner.  Only front runners get to meet the fam this early on. You go girl!  After they go roller skating, which is actually super cute, they go to dinner at an art museum and ROLLER SKATE THERE!! It looked so much fun!  Raven also told us about how she beat her cheating boyfriend with his mistress’ stiletto when she found them having sex.  She is just rocking it ladies!  I am Team Raven all of the way.  She just seems so cool and I want to know her in real life.  

Raven gets the rose on the date, and we finally get a glimpse of Nick doing the right thing!  Praise the Lord!  

Next up we have the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  At this point, Taylor decides to go at Corinne and call her an idiot many different times in many different ways.  The funniest part about the entire exchange was how Corinne knew Taylor was calling her dumb and she called Taylor out, but Taylor didn’t get that Corinne could actually be smart.  It was like Dumb and Dumber.  The 23 and 24 year olds fighting about who is more mature.  I couldn’t handle it.  And apparently neither could ABC because we got another TO BE CONTINUED at the end.  So I guess we will have to find out next week which idiot stays!  


Hope you all are having a great week!  Can’t wait to watch next week’s episode as I’m sure it’s going to be

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