Meet Melina Harvey!

Meet Melina Harvey, a sophomore at GU! On campus, she’s involved in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership program. She is a THIRST singer, an ambassador, and a pillar in the GUTS community.  Melina hails from Poulsbo, Washington, a small town across the water from Seattle. She is a business major with a concentration in marketing, and if that was not already enough, Melina also has minors in both French and entrepreneurship! She has also been accepted to be an RA for second floor Kennedy next year! Here are some more facts about Melina you should know!

What does your involvement on campus mean to you?

“I really find joy in engagement. I really love meeting new people, they motivate me. Through this involvement, I am able to find new people and hear their stories and I find that very inspiring. I want to know where they come from and where they want to go with their lives.”


Why did you want to be an RA?

"I want to be an RA because during my freshman year, I had a hard time. I missed my family and the support network I had back at home. I want to be that support network for my residents next year. I know how much having a good RA my freshman year helped me! I want to lead by example and show my residents all of the programs on campus, helping them get involved. I want to be the person they come to and bounce ideas off of.”


What does being a Zag mean to you?

I think it’s that cura personalis saying, Zags help Zags. By being that student people feel comfortable going to, that person that will grab dinner with you, and help you while also being real with them. Being a Zag means putting other Zags before yourself. One of my favorite things that Father Reynolds told me was, “This education isn’t for you, it’s for the world,” and that is something that has really stuck with me over my years here.


What is your favorite show on Netflix?

“Parks and Rec is my all time favorite. I really identify with Leslie Knope. I feel like she is a source for positivity and she embodies female empowerment. I really appreciate how she is able to lead and inspire others through her sheer force of personality.”


What is your favorite quote?

“Women belong in the kitchen, men belong in the kitchen, everyone belongs in the kitchen, the kitchen has food!”

I love to cook and bake, so that makes me laugh. The quote is also a commentary on feminism, so I think it’s perfect!


What is your dream job?

“I want to start my own business out of college that has to do with raising awareness for sexual assault. This business plan revolves around defending people from sexual assault.”


Melina has already begun the pursuit of her dream job through the Hogan program on campus. She hopes to continue this pursuit full-time immediately after graduation. Personally, I believe Melina has been a strong presence of positivity in my life. From the first time I met her, I knew she was someone I wanted to be around. She is passionate about life and I feel as though she is the older sister influence I have always wanted. If you don’t believe me, see what some of her friends have to say below!


Chris Barker, Junior

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Melina in GUTS and she is one of the funniest members in our troupe. She is also one of the kindest, making the other community members feel very welcomed and loved even though she is very sassy. Melina is one of the most intentional individuals on GU’s campus. She constantly makes time for her friends, and I'm lucky to call myself one of hers.”


Isabel Frohnhofer, Freshman

“One of the reasons I admire her so much is because of her style of leadership. It’s really cool! She’s not bossy and she leads when she needs to, but she knows when to be one of the group. I aspire to be as friendly and as put together as she is.”


MiKealy Thomas, Sophomore

“Melina is so insanely confident in herself and that confidence spreads to everyone around her!”


Obviously Melina Harvey is someone worth getting to know. When you see her around campus, make sure to say hi!