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Introducing Tristana Leist!

Tristana Leist is a bubbly, outgoing, caring colliegette who isn’t afraid to speak her mind!  Whether it’s through Model UN, where she participated as Egypt at the New York City conference last spring, campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio on Election Day, or working hard in the Hogan Program here at Gonzaga, she knows what she’s passionate about and goes after it with all her being.  You can catch her riding her blue beach cruiser around campus, even in this cold weather.  We love her at HC, and hope you get to know her! 

Tristana Leist, 19, Sophomore

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

Major: Business Administration: Marketing, Minor in philosophy, political science, Hogan Program

Favorite Quote:  “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” -Marianne Williamson 

Favorite TV show: Right now… Parks and Recreation and The Crown.

Dream job: President of the United States

Favorite instagram filter: Gingham 

Perfect pizza: Domino’s buffalo chicken with ranch and garlic sauce

Favorite thing about Gonzaga: Genuine people. Hands down. Oh and it’s proximity to Rincon Tapatio and Qdoba…

What it was like to work on Hillary’s Campaign: Eye opening. Much good can really be done on the local level through city council and school boards. Take the time and participate in what will impact your day to day life. Also, the people and communities are incredibly diverse and it was a stellar practice of patience in talking to hundreds of people. I texted my dad on my second day in Ohio, thanking him for raising me how he did and where he did.

Best part about Model UN: The countless outbursts of laughter when we are trying to practice, as well as traveling to New York City and interacting with students from over 40 countries!

Any advice you’d give to freshmen: This is your fresh chapter to define your self as the person you want to be. Use this and be consistent, build relationships and DO NOT worry if you don’t find your friend group right away, it will come with time and trust. Also, dive into your education! This is a beautiful time in life where your only job is to learn, not everyone gets that. 


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