How to Look Like a Business Professional

Interview season is quickly approaching! Today I attended a business major meeting for sophomores which reminded me of how badly I need to find a good internship before I graduate. One of the most important parts of an interview is looking professional. I know for girls there is a very fine line between dressing business casual and business professional. Here is how to dress business professional—and yes, you can still look cute while doing it!

1. ALWAYS wear a blazer or cardigan!

Your shoulders basically should always be covered. There are so many different colors and variations of both. My personal go-to while dressing up is a relaxed fit blazer (and absolutely no shoulder pads!)


2. Knee-length skirt or slacks are a MUST!

Knee-length skirts are extremely hard to find, at least where I shop, so I tend to gravitate towards slacks or dress pants. You can find many different slim and cropped pairs that look really cute with ballet flats. 


3. No flashy jewelry!

As a jewelry fanatic, I’ve gotten in trouble with this. I love layering jewelry so I never know when to stop! As long as your jewelry is dainty, you should be good to go though. 


4. Flats are a good idea!

I prefer flats over heels when dressing business professional. While heels always look cute, they can be extremely uncomfortable, and they must be under 3 inches in order to be considered professional. Save yourself some trouble and invest in some lace-up flats instead. 


I hope these tips helped and good luck with those interviews!