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Halloween Fun Without the Hassle

Not everyone is all about going out on Halloween night to a huge party, and that is perfectly okay (especially since it is a school night this year)! So, if you are wanting to stay home and have some quality fun without the hassle of leaving the comfort of your own space, here are some great things to do with your pals.


Just because you aren’t going out doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! If you want, you can still wear an awesome costume that will blow all your friends away. Or it might be fun to have your costume be one that belongs in a group, where you and all your friends’ costumes complete a group of characters or fit the same theme.


When it comes to activities and food, they go hand in hand. Making the food and eating the food is part of the fun. You know you have great friends when they enjoy this part as much as you do. Pizza is one essential for a good time. A good pizza is appreciated by all and can be enjoyed while having great conversation or playing a great game of Cards Against Humanity. Another essential is Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pictures of ghosts or pumpkins on them. They are easy to make and will be gone in a matter of minutes so you do not have to worry about leftovers. A final essential is, of course, a wide variety of Halloween candy. Whether you play games to earn candy or just have it in a bowl for everyone to grab some, having the favorites of all your friends will be met with great appreciation!


A great way to close the night off is watching a movie. Depending on who you are with, they might enjoy an actual scary movie. But if anyone was like me, and was truly scared by scary movies, you could go with some Halloween Disney movies such as Halloweentown or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or if you wanted to bump up the maturity of the movie, any of the Scary Movie series are humorous and complete an awesome Halloween night.


Whatever you choose to do, we at Her Campus Gonzaga hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!


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