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Designer Leggings for Less

I was casually browsing through Facebook about a month ago when an ad caught my eye. Usually I tend to scroll past the ads that show up on my news feed, however this time things were different. The ad read “Leggings for the price of shipping!” which immediately made me want to learn more.

The leggings being advertised are made by the upcoming brand, Girlfriend Collective, based in Seattle, Washington. The head designers of the company have experience designing for Acne Studios, Puma, Elizabeth + James, and Lululemon. If that doesn’t say anything about the potential quality of these leggings, I’m not sure what will!  And as if they couldn’t get better, they are made from recycled materials.

After reading all of this information on the brand’s website, I was sold. I’d been wanting a new pair of nice leggings but didn’t feel great about spending over $100 on a pair from Lululemon. These high-quality, high-waisted leggings were purchased for only $20! That is a price which cannot be beat. These leggings are perfect for everyday wear, working out, or both!

There’s a catch, though. The company is currently trying to spread the word about their product, so they will not necessarily be sold at this price forever. That means in order to get them for the $20 shipping price, you need to buy them as soon as possible! But I promise, they’re worth it. Check out their website if you want to learn more about the brand! 


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