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Dear Random Roommate,

How strange, just nine months ago, we had no idea each other existed. We were just doing our own thing, in our own little world when we were suddenly thrust into each other’s lives. I remember the day clearly. I drove my mother crazy with my eager anticipation and high-key obsession as I awaited the email that would tell me the name of the person I would live in a tiny, 11 by 14 foot box with for the coming year. When I finally found out, I emailed you faster than one could say “go zags”, and was held in suspense – thinking that somehow you already didn’t like me – until you got off work and could respond. When we finally connected, we quickly discovered that we were practically made to be roomies, what with all of the parallels between our two lives – soccer, sisters the same age, left-handed parents. Everything fell into place and move-in day finally came.


I would thank Gonzaga, for having such a good matching system, but really my gratitude is owed to you. So thank you, random roommate. Thank you for experiencing life with me for the past few months. Thank you for learning with me how to live with another person. Thank you for sometimes encouraging my bad habits, but also motivating my productivity. Thank you for appreciating my idiosyncrasies. Thank you for sharing popcorn with me and thank you for all the Netflix binge-watch sessions. Thank you for a slumber party every night.


People always ask how I like my roommate, or how we get along, and I’ve heard my share of horror stories, and I am happy to say we are not one of them. We live together in (almost) perfect coexistence. I add that almost only because you’re always cold and I’m always hot. But we’ve learned to deal – you have your flannel sheets and I have my open window. I am grateful for our similarities but also our differences. I love that we have the same reactions to all the weird shenanigans of college. I love that we enjoy each other’s taste in music. I love that we can rant to each other about everything. I love that we don’t spend every second of the day together, because that means I have someone to tell about my day. I love that we have different friends, but that we are still friends with each other. But most of all, I love that you’ll be right down the hall from me next year.





Portland native with a passion for people & words.
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