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Dance Opportunities at Gonzaga

Dance is something many of us were a part of growing up, from toddler tap, to the most advanced ballet or hip-hop class. If you want to be able to continue dancing here at Gonzaga, here are a few options to get you involved.



Gonzaga University Repertory Dance Company

Also known as GURDC,  this is the biggest performing dance company here at Gonzaga. While the 2017-2018 company is full, look out next year for auditions if you are interested. For now, come see their first performance of Beautiful Weapons on Friday, December 1st  at 12:00 in Magnuson Theatre. 


Boundless is a student run club here at Gonzaga. It offers free dance classes for students of all levels. Never taken a tap class before or want to go to a free work out class? Join Boundless! Pick a class, show up (no sign up necessary), and take the class. Don’t like it or want to take something else? Show up to that one instead. Boundless is an awesome way to get involved in dance without having to commit to lots of time and meetings. Follow them on Instagram at @boundless_gu or on Facebook at Boundless Dance to see the schedule and get more information about them. Come this Sunday, December 3rd at 7pm to the Boundless Winter Showcase for $2 (which will go to the Dance Marathon) to see everything the Boundless students have created this semester!

Academic Dance Classes

Next semester there are multiple options for taking academic dance classes, so if you have a few open credits and want the chance to perform in the Spring Dance Concert, join one of the few dance classes that are offered in the Spring semester!

Master classes

The master class dance program here at Gonzaga happens once a month. You can look at the dance program page for more information about these. They are usually only $10 (which is a huge deal) and you get to learn from professional dancers. If you have any questions, make your way over to the Theater and Dance Studio (by Tilford) and look at the Dance Board. Example of master classes include Pippin, Jazzercise and Flamenco!



Dance Team and Bomb Squad

Gonzaga has two dance groups that perform during basketball games, the Bomb Squad and Dance Team. They both hold auditions at the beginning of the school year, so look out for that at the start of next year! For now, look for their performances during the basketball games!

So, go get involved in dance here at Gonzaga!!


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