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8 Struggles Every Girl with Long Hair Experiences

Don’t get me wrong; as someone with long hair, I can attest to its greatness when styled properly. However, I also know the struggle that comes with having to maintain long hair day in and day out. Below are the pains, strains and daily struggles that come along with having long hair. I know all of you ladies with luscious long locks can relate.

1. The agony of leaving the house without a hair tie.

You might as well just quit the day now. Surrender while you can.


2. Your “messy bun” always resembles a small animal nesting on top of your head.

I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to look…


3. Your hair gets caught in everything. Everything.

Zippers, car windows, buttons, scarves, collars, bag straps… the list goes on. RIP to the number of strands of hair I have lost.


4. You wonder why you even spent the time making your hair look good if you’re going to be outdoors.

Within seconds of stepping outside, the hours of time you spent styling your hair have vanished. Especially in Washington with the amount of “unexpected” rain we get and completely bipolar weather, thanks Mother Nature.


5. Having to wait what feels like forever for your hair to dry.

*three hours later* Really? Still not dry?! 


6. You often wonder how you’re not bald, considering the amount of hair you leave behind.

The amount of vacuuming you have to do is proof enough that the shedding is real. 


7. Styling your hair takes forever.

You want to use a curling wand? Better carve out at least two hours of your life for that one.  


8. The intense arm aches.  

From curling, blow drying, straightening or even putting your hair in a bun, your arms get a workout on the daily. At least you have some nicely sculpted biceps.


Well, at least we can sometimes rock the “messy hair, don’t care” look and occasionally get “beachy waves”. This one’s for you, long-haired collegiettes!

Kristen Jost

Gonzaga '19

Kristen is a senior at Gonzaga University studying a communication and promotion. She is a social media coordinator for her chapter as well as an executive board member and founding member. After college, she hopes to travel before settling down to work for a marketing firm that specializes in sports and higher education branding. Her hobbies include: watching sporting events, wandering around book stores, drinking too much coffee, discovering new places, and staying active outdoors.
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