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8 Netflix Series You Should Binge Watch Next

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gonzaga chapter.

1. New Girl

Not only is this show hilarious, its pretty relatable too. Okay, the characters are almost 30 years old and they are not in college, but their adult struggles are still very similar to those of a collegiette. Especially considering Jess (the New Girl) is living in a loft in LA with three other guys as her roommates. What could possibly go wrong?


2. American Horror Story

Not quite horror, not too gory, but still scary. Hmmm maybe we could call it a thriller? AHS revolves around the Harmons, a family of three, who move from Boston to Los Angeles in order to reconcile past anguish. What the Harmons don’t know is that the house they’ve moved into is haunted. *cue dramatic music*

3. Criminal Minds

Did someone say Derek Morgan?! If anyone knows how to talk to a woman, its Derek Morgan. Not to mention he works for the FBI under the Behavioral Analysis Unit. No big deal. An oldie but a goodie, Criminal Minds tells the story of FBI profilers who analyze criminals, pursue them, and anticipate their next move before they can strike again. If you enjoy psychology, the human mind AND crime shows, this is a must watch series. 



4. Stranger Things 

Alien-like beings, children disappearing and michevious adults in small town USA, this show has it all and definitely lives up to its name considering how strange it is. Even though this Netflix original series only consists of 8 episodes, I would 100% recommend jumping on this bandwagon!


5. Grey’s Anatomy 

Drama, gossip, hot doctors, hookups, all in The Emerald City of Seattle, WA. What’s not to love?


6. How to Get Away With Murder

Sex, secrets, lies and law school. Sometimes what happens after class may surprise you. 


7. House of Cards

The best political drama on Netflix. 

8. Gossip Girl 

If you aren’t already familiar with S & B and their Upper East Side shenanigans, you have some catching up to do!

Xoxo Gossip Girl 



Kristen Jost

Gonzaga '19

Kristen is a senior at Gonzaga University studying a communication and promotion. She is a social media coordinator for her chapter as well as an executive board member and founding member. After college, she hopes to travel before settling down to work for a marketing firm that specializes in sports and higher education branding. Her hobbies include: watching sporting events, wandering around book stores, drinking too much coffee, discovering new places, and staying active outdoors.