7 Things I Missed About Gonzaga (As Told by a Student Who Studied Abroad)

While the spring semester is typically the most popular time to study abroad for a lot of students, I decided to take a semester abroad in the most recent Fall term.  Technically speaking, I wasn’t abroad (just at a theatre school in Connecticut), but being away from this beautiful campus helped me realize just how many things there are to miss about this wonderful place.  Here are seven of the things that I missed the most during my time away from Zag Nation.

1. Spokane

Turns out, Spokane really doesn’t suck.  It’s actually pretty cool.  And there are so many things about this city to miss while you are away.  I certainly missed the seasons that come in full force here (even though the terrain is a bit treacherous right now), as well as the numerous amazing restaurants and coffee shops Spokane has to offer.  Also, who wouldn’t miss Riverfront Park downtown in all of its movie theatre, ice palace, shopping mall glory?  I’m starting to sound like an infomercial now, but seriously, Spokane doesn’t suck! 

2. Hemmingson Center

Ah the Hemmy.  Coming home to a place where you can find all of your friends and a convenient cup of coffee is surely a sight for sore eyes.

3. School Spirit

While abroad, many people tend to be with other Gonzaga students, but for me I was all on my own.  It’s hard to ignore the Zag pride that is bursting at every seam of this university right now, and it’s so nice to be back on a coast where people don’t say, “bless you,” when you say “Gonzaga.” 

4. Clubs and Activities

The only downside to being a Zag is that there is SO MUCH to do here and so little time. However, I certainly missed all of the different events and activities that you can get involved with here at Gonzaga. 

5. Basketball Games

What a time to be a Zag, am I right?  Returning to an undefeated season is not too shabby.  I certainly am glad to be back and be able to join in on the basketball season of the century. 

6. Thayne!

Dr. McCulloh is such a welcoming and wonderful presence here at Gonzaga.  When I was away, I really missed having someone like our incomparable President McCulloh leading the charge of our amazing university. 

7. The Community

As cliché as it may be, the Zag community really is a force to be reckoned with.  But good news: even when you leave, you always have a place back here at Gonzaga.