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5 Tips to Tackle the Next 10 Days

This is how I am feeling right about now. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like I blinked and now finals week is almost here. It’s time to break out the calming tea and buckle down for a few more days. Then SUMMER! I am going to give you a few tips to get through next 10 days that have worked for me in the past.


Tip #1: Plan, Plan, Plan.

I find it really helpful to make lists and plan my days ahead of time. I start with what is most important and then work my way down. I am a very visual person so putting it all down on paper or a whiteboard or some other surface really helps me to conceptualize all that I need to get done and how to do that. Go check out our tips for planning your studying. 


Tip #2: Create A Study Group with People You Don’t Know.

As much fun as it is to work with your friends, it can be really helpful to study with people you don’t know well. They may have ideas that are different from yours and can help you understand a concept from a different point of view. Being a Psychology and Criminal Justice major, we have lots of terms and ideas that apply to cases, so working through those with people has been incredibly helpful for me. Plus you won’t be as tempted to talk with people that you don’t know as well, and you might make some new friends!


Tip #3: Take A Break.

While it is very important that you get everything done, you have to be able to balance work and mental health. Our brains have a very short attention span and need many breaks to absorb all the required information. I suggest working for an hour and then taking a twenty minute break. Go take a walk, watch an episode of your favorite show, call your mom, or get a snack with a friend.


Tip #4: Eat Well and Drink Water.

When there are so many other things to worry about, sometimes we forget to eat well and drink water. Water is super important. Before you study or take a test, drink a big glass and it will help get your brain going. Remember to keep drinking throughout the day and keep your brain lively. Food is also important. Fuel your body and your mind will have more energy to retain all of those terms and equations.


Tip #5: BREATHE.

This is my most important tip. I understand how overwhelming finals can get and you will probably find me freaking out next week too, but breathing is so important for successfully getting through this week. If you need a little help, Abide Yoga Collective is just two blocks away. They have classes for all levels and it is only $8 for students!


Good luck, fellow GU students! We got this! Just remember we are almost here.


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