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11 Signs You’ve Found Your College Best Friends

College friends – they’re are chosen family at our homes away from home. We love them, we laugh with them, we laugh at them, and we cherish them. Here are 11 ways to know if you’ve found your best friend…


1. She doesn’t judge you for how much you eat.

2. She knows all of your family drama.

3. You can put your laundry in together.

4. You hate the same people.

5. She’s seen you at your actual worst.

6. She lets you lay on her bed with her even though she hates all forms of physical contact.

7. She never fails to call you out on your BS.

8. You speak in inside jokes.

9. Introducing your significant other to them is as terrifying as introducing the S/O to your family (because your BFF is your family).

10. You might have a boyfriend but you two are dating.

11. Sometimes you want to punch each other in the throat but in the end, you love each other anyway.

Here’s to college BFFs – Share this with yours!

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