Why You Should Watch 'Rhythm and Flow' on Netflix

1 season. 10 episodes. About 50 minutes each. To be honest, I finished within three days. 

First and foremost, Rhythm and Flow showcases some incredibly talented new artists that also can give any viewer some new music to listen to. Seeing the range of talent and range of styles is amazing for anyone who enjoys and appreciates music, especially Hip-Hop music. 

It also is the first competition show completely centered around hip-hop (which is huge!). Along with this, it has judges that are all current icons in the genre which makes their critiques incredibly well-crafted, relevant, and not just 'it's a no from me'. 

Image Courtesy of Okayplayer.com

The judges themselves are a huge reason to watch. Cardi B's noises, commentary, and craziness is such a fun thing to experience. Chance the Rapper and his presence, especially alongside Cardi is also crazily enjoyable. As some of my favorite artists, they are just as amazing (and funny at judging). T.I. is also a very amusing judge, using his serious side to contrast Cardi's absurdity. 

Guest celebrities also make appearances throughout the series, ranging from Snoop Dogg to Miguel to Fat Joe to Jhene Aiko and more. It even includes the late Nipsey Hussle. They appear in judging and in performances with contestants but either way, it is so involved and SO cool. 

Image Courtesy of Collider.com

This is truly the most engaging show I have seen in a long time, not just because of the talent but because of the humor and the difficult issues of which a lot of the artists cover in their work.