Why You Should Take French

Colleges usually offer many different foreign languages. Many students might lean towards Spanish due to the number of speakers in the US, or Chinese for business, but French has so many unique aspects to it, it should be number one on your list of languages to learn! 

  1. 1. French is required for many doctorate programs

    Depending on your field, you may be required to know French or another European language in order to apply to a PhD program. Even if you aren't planning on getting a PhD, learning it looks good on applications for other graduate degrees!

  2. 2. The culture is rich and beautiful

    France is known for it's food, art, famous literature such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and that's not including all the amazing things that come from other French speaking countries! There is something special about being able to read and understand literature in the language it was written.

  3. 3. It can make learning other romance languages easier!

    Not everyone feels like becoming a polyglot, but if you do, French is a great place to start! While there are many differences between the romance langauges, knowing French vocabulary can give you a boost if you ever decide to try your hand at Italian, Spanish, or even Romanian!

  4. 4. College is one of the best times to study a language

    At college, you're surrounded by people who genuinely want to learn the language. Professors have dedicated their lives to knowing the inner workings of it, and chances are, they'll have spent a good amount of time in a country where French is spoken. You'll have access to so many resources that anyone dedicated can learn quickly!