Why the Cats Vs. Dogs Argument is Stupid

While people often get heated over political debates, there are plenty of those out there that get heated over silly little things, like whether or not someone is a dog person or a cat person. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of teasing, the reality is that both make great pets, and “taking a side” just means  you’re missing out on some great animals.

Image via Mother Nature Network 

As both a cat and dog owner, I can confidently say that the two animals are very different. Dogs tend to be more social, while cats are usually more aloof when it comes to socializing. The problem comes when you try to compare the two. Cats are as capable of love as dogs are, but they show it in different ways. If you are looking for a cat that will jump on you when you get home and curl up with you on the couch, you’re probably looking for a dog. Cats show love by showing trust. Obvious signs of affection are purring or rubbing against you. But when a cat turns its back to you or closes its eyes, it is showing you that they trust you.

It’s also important to note that the best pet for you can change over time. If you live a busy life in the city, a cat is more likely to fit into your lifestyle than a dog. If you have a lot of time you're willing to devote to a pet, and your house has the space, go ahead and get that dream dog. Doing research before adopting is so important to see which animal really fits into your lifestyle.

Remember, dogs and cats can differ on individual levels. Some cats are big fans of cuddling, while others never want to be touched. Some dogs are super friendly and good with kids, while others are not. Comparing stereotypes of animals erases those individual personalities completely.

Image via Small Animal Planet

At the end of the day, both cats and dogs can be great pets, but you don’t have to hate one because you like the other. Just acknowledge the differences between the species and, if looking to adopt, be conscious of the type of lifestyle each pet would need.