Why Becoming a BTS Fan Was the BEST Decision of My Life

If you haven’t already heard of South Korean boy group BTS or Bangtan Soyeondan, that’s totally okay. Korean pop is not yet as universally recognized as American or Latin pop music. I’m here to introduce you to the musical genius that is BTS. BTS consists of 7 members: 

RM-Leader and main rapper. Real name: Kim Namjoon

Jin-The visual and vocalist. Real name: Kim Seokjin

Suga- The main rapper, composer. Real name:Min Yoongi

Jhope- Main dancer, rapper. Real name: Jung Hoseok

Jimin- Lead dancer, vocalist. Real name: Park Jimin

V- Vocalist. Real name: Kim Taehyung 

Jungkook- Maknae (youngest), dancer, vocalist. Real name: Jeon Jungkook 

BTS debuted on June 11, 2013, with their track "No More Dreams". This song was revolutionary because it brought to light the struggles face by Korean youth and the how the pressure of “being somebody” negatively impacts them. While the song was not widely popular in South Korea, it still managed to capture the hearts of BTS ARMY, or the Adorable Representative MC for Youth, which is the name of the BTS fandom. With this name BTS hopes that ARMY can stand by them as they fight for social justice issues in South Korea. I fell in love with BTS because I have always loved music with strong messages. I’m a hip-hop fan because of artists such as Eve, Ice Cube, and Wu-Tang Clan, who use their platform to talk about how black people have to fight in order to survive because everything from the police to poverty is after their necks. It was easy for me to adjust to BTS's music and themes because they talk about mental health issues, injustice faced by youths, and the struggles of chasing your dreams. 

Songs like "Tomorrow" and "So Far Away" have lyrics that remind you that even if you don't have it all figured out right now, you're still young and you have time to figure it out. The beautiful melodies of songs like "Butterfly" and "Spring Day" reminds us of our fear of loneliness and the power of confiding in friendships. BTS has accompanied me through some of the darkest moments in my life. Without them, I probably wouldn't be alive today. Besides, their music is good enough to get you shaking your ass and making up nonsense raps with your friends. Not to mention, they have won countless awards, such as Billboard top social artist (3 times!), Billboard top group/duo, and have even been nominated for a Grammy. They broke streaming records on Youtube, with over 74 million views in 24 hours. They even sold out they pre-order for their latest album Persona: Map of Soul. How do you sell out of something that’s not even printed yet??!! That’s the power of BTS. Fortunately, I had the privilege to get a ticket to their sell-out world tour in America and it was amazing. BTS is too powerful for you not to go and check them out. Go and listen to their latest song  “Boy with Luv" featuring Halsey right now and find out if BTS is right for you! Go Go!