What It's Like To Attend A Bernie Sanders Not-Rally

For technicalities' sake, Bernie Sanders' visit to Gettysburg College (with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard) was a Town Hall Meeting.  All of the other candidates have been invited to speak on campus.  For all intents and purposes, the event was a rally.  

First of all, obtaining a press pass is a stressful endeavour.  

Stressful, but totally worth it.

The process gets pretty chaotic when you have mostly volunteers running an event.  

Secret Service is intimidating.  Also, some may make you wonder if it is a requirement to be gorgeous to become an agent?

Also, this man may be Joe from The Princess Diaries.  

There will be a lot of waiting.  

While you wait, the crowd will get antsy. There will be cheers, particularly when cups of water and a microphone are brought on stage, as well as when signs are distributed.  

You'll make friends with some of your fellow journalists.  Some of them will hit you with equipment and be pretty darn mean.  

Others are simply brilliant and thought to bring plenty of ibuprofen.  

You'll learn some disappointing stuff, like behind-the-scenes info about dishonourably charged veterans and PTSD.  

Luckily, the crowd seemed to recognize the issue.  Here, a student tips his hat to veteran Tyson Manker.  

Private education costs are skirted over, considering the event is held at a private school.  

Secret Service agents tell you to move, you move.  Even if moving means that the guys with fancy cameras can sit on the ground doing nothing while you suffer back a few feet with an iPod, despite having the same press credentials.  *no bitterness*

Whatever your affiliation, your voice will be heard.  

Tall people get in the way of shaking Bernie's hand, taking a selfie with him, and/or hugging him.  

Bernie's super inspiring.