What to Expect When You're Rushing a Sorority

It is about that time of year when the “girl flirting[1]” and sorority chants begin. Here at Gettysburg College rush occurs in the fall of your sophomore year. So why am I writing this post in February? Greek life starts to prep future new members and hold rush events for them in the Spring.

First you will have to sit through a few informational talks held by the Panhellenic Council[2]. These will start in March and cover a variety of topics. In these sessions they will show you a PowerPoint explaining Greek sorority lingo, things you are unable to talk about during recruitment, a little bit about each sorority and there philanthropy, and also what to wear while going through Rush Week[3]. But none of these talks really tell you what happens or what to expect when you enter those rooms or go on a coveted lunch date[4] in the Spring, which is why I am here to provide a bit of insight!

                                                                                Photo credits to @gettysburg_chiomega

In the Spring, each sorority hosts two recruitment events. At these events there will be food and drinks and are organized around getting to know one another. Each sorority member will be wearing a nametag and will come up to you as you walk into the room-this was a blessing for me because I was too nervous to go up to a member and start a conversation. When you go to these events there will be a sign up sheet at the door, which will let the sorority know that you came and are showing interest in them, but if you can’t make one…do not freak out. It is nice to go and get to know different girls to help see where you fit in best but not being able to go doesn’t hinder your chance of getting a bid in the fall. Also, right before you leave for the summer you will be assigned a Rho Chi[5] who will be there for you and around eight other girls to answer questions and to bring you around to each room[6] in the fall.

The Fall is where all of the serious things occur. Recruitment normally falls on the first or second weekend back at school. On the first and second day you will be asked to wear a nametag that you designed for yourself based on an interest you have or something that represents you. This always stumps a lot of girls, but don’t take it too seriously! I made mine into the shape of a Starbucks cup…and yes the only reason is because I really like coffee. In regards to clothing you will wear a t-shirt Greek life provides for you on the first day, a nicer outfit on the second day, and then on the third day most girls wear a dress and nice flats or even wedges.

                                                                                Photo credits to @trisigmaburg

Now for what occurs on each specific day. On the first day you will go to every single room. Upon entry be prepared for chanting a clapping…I wasn’t and let me tell you it is a shock to the system. Each sorority will chant and clap as they hook arms with you and bring you into the room. Once everyone is in the room they will stop chanting and the girl you were linked arms with will be the person who you will be talking to for the time you are in the room. This will happen in every room and on every day so be prepared for long hours of talking. Once this day is done you will be brought to fill out a sheet of who your top picks are from that day.

On the second day you will wake up and have to meet with your Rho Chi to discuss who invited you back to their room. On this day you can be asked to four at the most, but majority get asked back to less so don’t let this freak you out. Your councilor will tell you what time to be there and then guide you around to your rooms for that day also. Again, at the end of your day you will rank the sororities that you visited that day.

The third day is my favorite. You can only be asked back to up to two sororities and each session is an hour. This is ritual day so you will get a sneak peak of the true meaning behind the sororities you visit. You will rank the two by the end of the day and sign a contract that you will accept a bid if you so choose and then you wait back in your room until eight. At eight everyone will go to the ballroom and meet with their Rho Chi’s. This is called Bid Night. On this night you will receive an envelope with a bid card inside telling you what sorority you are now a part of. Once this is revealed you will run to that sororities corner in the gym and be united with your new sisters!    


[1] Two girls getting to know one another at a recruitment event.

[2] The governing body for all sororities.

[3] A three day process in the fall that will make you unbelievably tired and in need of pizza and Netflix by the end of it.

[4] A lunch where a sorority member will invite you to bring some friends and grab lunch to get to know one another before recruitment.

[5] A recruitment councilor.

[6] Sorority chapter room.