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Weird things no one tells you about growing up

You have a frame of reference for gas prices

Okay so this might be weird, but hear me out. Growing up, I rarely paid attention to gas prices, but I remember my parents freaking out as they approached $5 and then sigh in relief as they went down again. Now that I’m filling my own gas tank, I use gas prices of my childhood to gauge how expensive the gas feels.

You realize The adults of your childhood were as old as you are now

Most people probably experienced having a teacher in grade school that was right out of college. But now you have friends that are teachers and are almost out of college yourself and that realization alone made me realize that people probably never feel grown up.

You have some adult skills, but not all of them

There’s a reason why Millenials made adulting a verb and its because it’s freaking hard! I do my own laundry, shop for groceries, make meals, clean bathrooms, but still need to call my mom with questions about health insurance. Maybe this is life’s way of reminding us we need support around us?

The fashion of your youth returns

Everyone knows fashion comes back around, but older members of Gen-Z were not ready for the re-emergence of low rise jeans. Even leggings with a flare legging were out of style before we finished middle school and seeing these pants being stocked at American Eagle after all these years is creating some flashbacks I’d rather not have.

Your Friend group shrinks… but that’s not a bad thing

It’s hard to stay connected with people when you’re in school, working, taking care of yourself, and balancing family life so it makes sense that your group of friends would shrink. That being said, the friends who stick by you are more genuine and willing to help out compared to friends you’ve had before (and if they’re not, just know you deserve better).

Adrienne Poissant

Gettysburg '22

Adrienne is a senior at Gettysburg College studying political science and religious studies. Besides being a Campus Correspondent, she is involved in the wind symphony, Model United Nations, and enjoys reading and writing for fun!
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