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Two Ways to Stay Sane During Finals Week

We’re all super busy, so I won’t take long to say things. There are two things you can do during finals week that can make your life during finals infinity more relaxing.

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1. Listen to music as you move around

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Pick something good that makes you feel confident and put it in your headphones while you’re moving around – even if it’s just for the five minute walk to get to servo. One of the biggest annoyances about finals is how it seems to take over your life with no time left for you. By listening to music while you’re on the go, you’re making time for yourself. Take that time and don’t let it be used for rushing. Use it as a time to calm down, stroll, and just enjoy.

 2. Procrastinate by doing something productive

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We all know that we’re going to procrastinate at least a little bit, so use it. People sometimes forget that after finals comes packing up and leaving campus. So, use that procrastination time to start packing up nonessentials or cleaning your space. It may not be as fun, but you’ll thank yourself later when you aren’t even more stressed about packing. And it’ll help you feel more productive when you look back on your day.

You can do it! Good luck on finals.

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