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Tips For Looking Put Together Yet Comfortable For Class

When I first came to college, I had the idea that everyone would dress very comfortably for class. From what I heard from friends, girls wore big tee-shirts and athletic shorts every day. While that might be the case at some colleges, I quickly noticed that many students dress up for class- or at least look put together at Gettysburg. I think I pictured most students rolling out of bed and going to class in their pajama pants like I would see in movies. I appreciate how my peers dress at Gettysburg because I genuinely love putting together outfits. For me, having a great outfit on makes me feel confident and ready for my day. Of course, there are days where I wear leggings and sweatshirts to class, but even then I like to look somewhat put together. As students, we are constantly overtired, so when you’re not quite feeling it, it’s important to have comfortable clothes that you can pull on that are also trendy. Here are my tips for looking put together but still comfortable for class:

1. Choose comfy bottoms. Super tight jeans that you have to squeeze into isn’t fun sitting in class for hours. I wear a lot of leggings, and when I wear jeans they have to be comfortable and stretchy. I’ve realized that the “girlfriend” style of jeans are so comfortable! 

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2. Wear well-made comfortable shoes for walking to class. My college happens to be pretty small, but even walking the small distance to class in uncomfortable shoes is not fun! In high school, I wore a lot of ballet flats, but I’ve completely converted to sneakers. Vans and converse are especially in these days and I love finding new, fun pairs of sneakers. I’ve been really into high-tops recently. 

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3. Clothes that feel like pajamas… but are actually socially acceptable. For example, big comfy sweaters, scarves that feel like blankets in cold classrooms, and soft tee shirts to layer and dress up. I also love fitted joggers in place of baggy sweatpants when I’m feeling like I need to be extra comfy that day. A go-to outfit for me would be a comfortable white tee-shirt or sweater, a pair of jeans and vans. Pairing a simple outfit like this with really nice looking jewelry, such as dainty gold hoops or layered necklaces really makes the outfit look put together. 

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