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Glatfelter Hall at Gettysburg College
Glatfelter Hall at Gettysburg College
Original Photo by Madeline Platt
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Ten Little Things I Love About Gettysburg as a First-Year Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.
Penn Hall at Gettysburg College
Original Photo by Ashley Webb

It has been a little over a month since I got to Gettysburg, and it has been a very interesting and emotionally challenging period of my life. It is really difficult to be in a new environment away from home and adjust to the college lifestyle, but luckily, Gettysburg has a lot of qualities that make me really happy to be here. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make my day, and here are ten of those!


1. Walking around campus

I love to take walks when it is nice outside, especially when I am talking on the phone or listening to music. It has been really fun for me to explore every inch of the campus and get to know my way around on my walks, and also, walking to class on a pretty day will always put me in a good mood. It is great to be able to walk to downtown Gettysburg in just a few minutes, too!

2. dorm decorating

It meant a lot to me to personalize my dorm with lots of things that remind me of home, including photos, art, and other trinkets. I love decorating, and it is a great way to create a space you love that is a home away from home. I have also made sure to include lots of Gettysburg décor because now this place means a lot to me.

3. the chairs on stine lake

Those blue and orange Adirondack chairs on Stine Lake are my favorite spot to read a good book, work on homework, hang out with friends, and just chill after my classes. I love to hang out on Stine Lake during a nice afternoon and just as much in the evening when the string lights are turned on.

4. waving to people

I thought that seeing familiar faces all the time would be really overwhelming, but I actually really like to say “hi” and wave to people whether it be at Servo, in CUB, or on my way to class. It is a nice reminder of all of the nice people I’ve met so far and the tight-knit community that we get to experience by going to a small college like Gettysburg.

5. the big windows in the library

The library is such a great space to focus on your homework and studying. There is clearly a lot of hard work that goes into making the library such a cozy and calming place to be productive. I like to sit in the big window alcoves on floors 1, 2, and 3 because the couches and chairs are really comfortable, and the lamps and plants just feel really home-like. The view from the inside of the three sided window spaces also makes me feel like I’m outside, which I love!

6. the fall leaves

Fall has been so beautiful here, and I can’t wait to see the leaves change even more as the season goes on. I am from Maryland, and even just being an hour north of my hometown makes a big difference in how much more “fall” it is outside (if that makes sense). Pennsylvania definitely has such a vibrant fall season that shines through on campus.

7. the schmucker Hall practice rooms

As a musician, I was really afraid that I would not have as much time to play piano in college, but the practice rooms at Schmucker Hall are very accessible and about a three-minute walk from my dorm. It is really comforting to have such a nice space to not only work on my pieces and improve but also just to have some time to relax and do something I love without any disruptions or stress. The pianos themselves are so amazing! It has been a great experience for me to take piano lessons and have the opportunity to play such beautiful, high quality instruments.

8. The sunsets

Something about the sunsets in Gettysburg are so special. I already have way too many photos of different skies I’ve seen since being here. When a great sunset appears, it lights up the entire campus and looks stunning in every direction. I still need to see a sunset at the battlefields, which is on my list of things I want to do in Gettysburg.

9. The welcoming upper classmen

A lot of the upperclassmen I have met have been so eager to help us feel welcomed on campus and super friendly, especially during orientation. The good energy surrounding different clubs and events made me want to be a part of them as well. It isn’t so intimidating to try new things because there is so much support and excitement when it comes to involvement. I have especially been really impressed with the Club Fair and the activities hosted the first few weekends to help us get acclimated.

10. glatfelter hall

Honestly, just looking at this building makes my day because it is so pretty! I feel like there is just no other explanation needed :)


I can’t wait to keep finding things I love about Gettysburg, even if it is simultaneously challenging to navigate college. So far, there is a lot to appreciate!

Ainsley Green

Gettysburg '27

Ainsley is a new member of the Gettysburg College Her Campus chapter, and is a staff writer. She hopes to write about lifestyle, college tips, music recommendations, and life at Gettysburg. Ainsley is a first-year at Gettysburg College and is currently an undeclared major. She has interest in an English with Writing Concentration or Psychology major, and also plans on pursuing a music minor in piano performance. She is a Lincoln Scholar, and has enjoyed getting involved in other clubs on campus, including publishing articles for "The Gettysburgian." In her free time, Ainsley loves to read, write, play piano, spend time with her family and friends, and be outside. She loves everything about music, a good conversation about a book or movie, and her two cats, Freya and Fen.